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In this post, Impact’s Strategic Partnerships Director, Richa Dani, chatted with the Fluent team, Kelly Patterson – VP Corporate Marketing and Willis Nelson – Group Sales Director, to learn more about their company and how they are driving intelligent user acquisition for growing brands.

Can you tell us a little about your company?
Fluent, founded in 2010 in New York City, is a leading data–driven performance marketing company with an expertise in creating meaningful connections between consumers and brands. Leveraging a proprietary first-party data asset made up of over 190 million opted-in consumer profiles that Fluent acquires across our owned and operated websites, Fluent drives intelligent growth strategies that deliver measurable results and superior outcomes for our partners.

What does your audience base look like?
We engage with nearly 1 million US consumers across our owned and operated mobile websites daily and reach about 13% of the US digital population. We use promotional messaging to drive consumers to our sites to earn, win or save money.

What differentiates you as an organization?
Fluent is differentiated in the market as a data-first performance engine focused on driving real-world outcomes, rather than vanity metrics. By engaging with near 1 million consumers daily, we capture self-declared insights about who they are, what they need and want. This first-party data provides us with a unique view of the consumer that enables us to connect them to the most relevant offer, product, or service. With our precision targeting, only the relevant people are most likely to engage and interact with them. Additionally, we are a performance-based company so our partners only pay for results.

Ok that’s great. Can you walk me through the process of how an advertiser can work with Fluent?
Yeah, absolutely. We’re a managed platform so as an advertiser you will be working directly with our sales and account management teams. The on-boarding process is the majority of the work and Fluent does all the heavy lifting. After the paperwork is out of the way, understanding campaign strategy and execution is key. Once we identify the advertiser’s target audience, we can leverage survey questions across our proprietary network of sites to meet campaign objectives.  

We have three overarching solutions and help advertisers choose those most relevant to their campaign.

  1. Performance: Through engaging digital experiences, we capture self-declared insights to create meaningful connections between consumers and brands. Whether driving app installs or subscription renewals, we help our partners drive intelligent user acquisition campaigns focused on real-world outcomes, not vanity metrics.  
  2. Data: Data is at the core of what we do here at Fluent. In addition to making audience segments available for programmatic targeting, we can help advertisers capture email addresses for a newsletter campaign, mobile phone numbers for a pay per call campaign, or physical addresses for a direct mail campaign.
  3. Messaging:  Fluent leverages self-declared insights and a database of TCPA-compliant opt-ins to help advertisers retarget their most valuable consumers. We have consent to connect with users via email, web push, or SMS.  We then drive users to the app store or a web page to take a desired action on a CPA basis.

Once we have the strategy and solution in place, we implement tracking links and run tests to ensure all results are measured properly. We then connect the advertiser with an account manager to set expectations in terms of audience, execution, and daily CAP budget rates. In addition to campaign KPIs, Fluent also tracks post-conversion events to ensure that we are driving long-term engagement and high LTV for our advertisers.

So who do you see as your ideal advertiser?
In general, we’re vertical agnostic. We own and operate all Fluent sites and can leverage our data to target any audience. As consumer engagement experts, we have seen success across verticals and advertisers.

Which gaps are your solutions filling in the performance industry?
There is an industry wide push for improving the overall consumer experience using data and we are very good at doing that. We provide the most optimal advertising experience for consumers and the key to that is relevancy. The way that we’re able to make that link is by using the self-declared data that we’re capturing on a regular basis to ensure that we’re connecting brands and consumers with the most relevant offers and service.

Can you tell us a bit more about your relationship with Impact?
We have a valuable relationship with Impact for multiple years and find the platform very user friendly and easy to navigate. The tracking implementation, dashboard, & deep linking capabilities are straightforward for both publishers and advertisers. More and more of our clients are pivoting to impact which is music to our ears as we’re able to simply integrate and begin setting up campaigns, tracking and going live with our partners in a timely manner. We’re also big fans of the customer support contacts and partnership managers because we receive quick responses with proper solutions.

Looking to the future, what are the biggest opportunities on the horizon for the performance industry?We are energized by the shift we are seeing in this industry where marketers are moving away from solely focusing on quantity and putting more emphasis on quality. As data-driven marketers, this focus fits well into our value proposition and our belief that acquiring the right customer upfront by connecting with relevant offers and services is the key to driving long term success.

If you would like to find out more about our Impact Publisher Development Team or if you would like to tell your story on our blog, get in touch here.

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