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We are very excited to unveil the new Media Partner dashboard! The dashboard homepage puts information and features at the media partners’ fingertips. It’s now a quick look to understand high level performance trends and a breeze to generate a new tracking URL. If a media partner is on the lookout for new advertiser opportunities, the Marketplace widget provides new or recommended advertisers front and center.

We have also modified the navigation menus and made it incredibly easy to customize the reports listed in the Reports drop down menu. This customization makes it so account users are one click away from accessing the reports they run most frequently.

Dashboard Enhancements

As soon as a media partner account user logs in, the media partner will have quick access to the following information and features:

Performance Snapshot
View a performance trend snapshot that gives a quick visual overview of clicks, actions, payouts, sale amount, conversion rate, and EPC.

Tracking Link Generator
Generate new tracking links quickly and easily right from the dashboard homepage.

To Do
Address tasks on the to do list to help polish the account and profile.

Review finance details for a breakdown of the account balance, total locked payouts, and total pending payouts.

Referral Types
View the most common referral types to understand the method used to track actions. This gives a window into the incremental lift media partners see with Impact Radius’ precise and industry-leading tracking accuracy.

Search new and recommended campaigns and apply to join right from the dashboard homepage.

Media partner dashboard

New Navigation

The enhanced and streamlined navigation layout presents all menu options at the top of the page. One of the most useful enhancements is the ability for media partners to add the reports run most frequently to the Reports menu option. Customization at the user level ensures the information most relevant to the particular user is readily accessible.

reports customization
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