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Apple recently previewed the latest version of the iOS operating system: iOS 15, which is currently in beta mode and expected to be released in the fall.

Among the many new features for things like FaceTime calls, Safari, Weather, Maps, and more, there are a few privacy updates. Most programs will be totally unaffected by the updates or see only minimal impacts. These changes will roll out on Safari and the Mail app on both desktop and mobile with iOS 15 and Mac OS 12. 

We did some digging, and here’s the scoop about the upcoming privacy updates.

What privacy updates are coming and what should I expect?

1. Private Relay could affect app install attribution

iCloud+ subscribers who enable this new feature will be able to browse the web using Safari in a more private way, because all traffic leaving the user’s device will be encrypted, thereby hiding the user’s IP address

This feature won’t entirely mask the user’s location, but it will make it less granular. 

Will this affect you? 

This change could potentially affect app install attribution, but:

  • If you are compliant with Apple’s existing privacy standards and do not rely on IP address for attribution, you won’t be affected
  • It only applies to iCloud+ subscribers who have the feature enabled, not the entire user universe

2. Mail Privacy Protection may muddy impression data from emails

This feature stops senders from using impression pixels to collect info on users in the Mail app. Now, impression pixels within emails will fire every time  — even when the user doesn’t open the message. 

Will this affect you? 

This change will prevent brands from getting accurate impression data from emails, but:

  • The impact is limited to people who use the Mail app and have the feature enabled
  • The change won’t limit your ability to track clicks from emails, so conversion tracking will be unaffected 

3. Hide My Email is a non-issue

Safari users will now be able to use random email addresses that forward to their personal email anytime they want to keep their personal email hidden. 

Will this affect you? 

Impact does not rely on email for any of our tracking methods, so we don’t expect this feature to have any material effect on our customers. 

Still have questions? For specific answers about iOS15 and your partnership performance tracking, please reach out to your CSM or send a message to

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