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Revolut is one of the red-hot challengers taking on the high street banks in the UK and winning over digital natives around the world. The bank focuses on full app-based services, low fees, and simplicity to promote its “Radically Better Accounts.” Revolut also knows its audience—a generation that is less trusting of sales and marketing and more influenced by opinions and relationships. That’s why the bank actively partners with bloggers, comparison sites, and publishers to share the Revolut message and bring in referrals.

At PI Live in London, Revolut’s Lead Business Development Manager Stefan Vukcevic and Impact’s Matt Shepherd spent time with PerformanceIN journalist Mustafa Mirreh discussing how Revolut efficiently manages its partner network using partnership automation.  With partnerships the big theme of this year’s conference, the Impact team stayed busy, hosting panel discussions and industry-specific events focused on partnership automation for the performance marketing community.

How partnership automation makes the difference

According to Vukcevic, automation technology brings efficiency to everything, from Revolut’s partnership reporting to payments, monitoring partners, messaging, and contracting. It’s also a tool for bringing in new kinds of partners. “For outreach, prospecting, and actually growing your in-house program—it’s a one-stop shop for any real partnership program,” he says. “It allows us to be more creative in terms of the partners we onboard, manage, and nurture.”

Check out the video interview to learn more about how Revolut relies on partnership automation to grow its thriving global partner network.

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