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Even during economic hardship, closed borders, and a global pandemic, it’s hard not to feel the love between two avid travelers — and their gorgeous photos! Their getaways satisfy our drool-over daydreams. After all, this extended staycation won’t last forever, so we’re making lists of destination ideas from these fab power couples. 

Many of our established partner couples cover beauty, luxury products, lifestyle, family, money, and even navigating a wheelchair-bound active life across their Instagram and YouTube platforms. Help your fans connect with their inner adventurer and sharpen their own relationship tools with our roundup of dynamic duos. 

Partner with our YouTube and Instagram power couples for luxury, travel, and lifestyle

Below is just a sample of the partners you’ll find using the Partnership Cloud’s Discovery function. If you check out our database of more than 90K potential partners, you can find and recruit all kinds of content creators by category, region, engagement, and audience quality, whether they’re Instagram-verified, Alexa rank, and dozens of other criteria. 

Take notes from these enduring couples and apply them to your business partnerships

Whether you’re single, coupled, or “thrupled,” there’s always an opportunity to strengthen your business partnerships. Learn from men’s skincare and wellness brand Lumin about how they leverage Impact’s Partnership Cloud to find solutions for — and strengthen — their partner relationships in this brief blog post (with video and transcript), Lumin’s partnership regimen keeps the numbers looking good

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Are you and your partner killing it as a team? Or are you an influencer partner who wants more? Brands are looking for trusted experts like you. Boost your exposure to potential partners by applying to the Impact Marketplace in just a few clicks. Then learn how to get paid like the muscle dyad (or triad) you know you are with this 5-step plan, How to get paid as an influencer

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