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“Partnership is fundamental to how we approach the market and how we sell tickets beyond our own marketplace,” says Michael Chua, Senior Director For Strategic Partnership Development at Ticketmaster. With a role that vital at a brand as dominant as Ticketmaster, managing partnerships presents a unique set of challenges for Chua and his team. Hear what he has to say in this video snapshot of the Ticketmaster partnership strategy.

“We needed a reliable and singular infrastructure to basically gather all the data and monitor the individual health of any given partnership,” says Chua. And Ticketmaster’s partnerships run the gamut, ranging from strategic relationships with big discovery platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora to smaller-scale relationships with partners that step forward organically. The former requires a lot of data to move back and forth, with access to data on both sides of the partnership. The latter merits a more self-service model. 

With Impact, Ticketmaster is able to manage, optimize, and measure its full range of partners and partnerships, customizing sophisticated solutions for big revenue drivers and enabling low-touch relationships for up-and-comers. 

Watch the video now to learn more about Ticketmaster’s approach to scaling partnerships. 

How Ticketmaster managed so many partnerships with Impact
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