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Breaking news! Check out this fun video created by an enthusiastic trio of business development reps who wanted a fresh way to connect with prospects about the partnership channel — and the not-so-tragic death of advertising.

Ryan Scott, Jonathan Gibson, and Cole Henry know the demise of the digital ad is one of the most important stories in the marketing industry right now and that a traditional email couldn’t do it justice. So they channeled their inner Katie Courics and got creative.

“Ryan and I slacked multiple times about collaborating and making a refreshing video that we can send to our accounts where it packs useful partnership information packaged better than a typical email,” said Gibson.

A few days after launch, the video was getting a ton of views and was clearly a welcome break from the usual email. Vidyard, the platform the team used to create the pseudo-cast, has become a valuable tool for the team to assess the reach and effectiveness of video content.

“With inboxes flooded with cookie-cutter messaging that very few people bother to read, we were hoping to break through the noise with something creative and fun,” says Ryan about the collab. “We’re using the video as outreach to prospective clients and to make people aware of and how we’re helping companies move forward in a world where advertising is changing constantly.”

Now . . . whodunnit?

If the newsflash left you wanting to know more (move over, Serial) about the death of advertising, who’s responsible, and the path forward with partnerships, book a demo here or reach out to Or dive into the Advertising is dead ebook for more scoop on partnerships.

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