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Why Impact Growth

We believe partnerships have the power to drive transformational growth for business. We also believe in the power of science and technology to transform business, and so we set out to design scalable software for partnership automation.

This was the premise behind the founding of Impact back in 2008. And we’ve seen this vision come to fruition. Partnerships today can drive more than 30% of many companies’ overall revenue . . . and this figure is only growing. The trust that consumers feel in the referral-based world of partnerships ensures that the companies that grow their partnerships will grow their business.

Recent research from Forrester showed that it’s the innovation happening across people, processes, and technology that keep businesses with mature partnership programs flourishing. These companies are developing new business strategies, organizing and managing their teams differently, and deploying innovative tools.

The problem? Not enough businesses knew the secret to success in the modern world (and they still don’t).

That’s why we created Impact Growth in 2018 — and why we made it an annual event.

We bring together the leaders, the change-makers, the agents of growth who are truly transforming their companies, and consequently, the way the entire commercial ecosystem conducts business. It’s a pivotal event for many, where business leaders can experience open dialogue and share knowledge about the most pressing topics today.

Join us for Impact Growth — find out what it feels like to challenge the status quo, discover new ways for your business to succeed, and transform your team, your mindset, and your processes through innovative technology and inspiring new insights from top global leaders.

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We took Impact Growth digital in 2020, delivering a wealth of insights in a mix of live webcasts and on-demand content, delivering timely and relevant information, tactical and practical advice, and inspiring new insights from global partnership leaders.

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Better together – discovering modern partnerships

Now more than ever, modern partnerships are transforming the way businesses work together to succeed in today’s community-based consumer ecosystem.

But how do you form a modern partnership? How do these partnerships transform your business? And what is the secret to partnership success in today’s world?

Research from Forrester shows that it’s the innovations across people, processes, and technology that is key — these companies are developing new business strategies, organizing and managing their teams differently, and deploying innovative tools.

Don’t miss out — check out 2020 content and discover how modern partnership can transform your business today!

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Our live keynotes, breakout sessions and on-demand content will keep you on top of major industry trends and opportunities.

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A multimedia library of how-to resources with videos, case studies and more, featuring today’s partnership leaders and the secrets to their success.

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This year’s event will have more ways than ever to participate. Search and chat with attendees, participate in breakout sessions, interact during live presentations or qualify for VIP meet and greets.


2020 featured a global line up of partnership leaders

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Find out how Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ can help you discover and recruit the right partners at scale.