Introducing Product Promotions – Equip your partners with promotion data to drive conversions

The new Product Promotions feature allows brands to upload and distribute promotional information with publishers quickly. Learn how faster promotion delivery from brands means more monetization potential for publishers.

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Blaire McClure
Blaire McClure
Product Marketing Manager
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For years, merchants have used discounts, sales, price drops, and other promotional incentives to create consumer purchase urgency. Today, retailers use promotions to yield higher conversion rates —after all, consumers want deals on merchandise and will avoid paying full price. 

Many retailers run hundreds to thousands of promotions simultaneously. Each promotion must keep in sync across many different marketing channels. Managing such a large amount of promotions requires a mechanism to standardize information delivery and access.

The Product Promotions feed, a new feature on the platform, allows brands to deliver promotional data. The feed matches the promotion to products already loaded into by the merchant and makes promotions visible to partners in the Product Marketplace. This feature allows partners to discover and share relevant promotions with audiences across digital properties. 

How Product Promotions work on

Brands can access the Product Promotions feature in the left-hand menu under “Products.” They can quickly view and add new promotions from a direct file upload or via URL pull. Promotion files contain a unique promotion ID, name, and promotion duration. 

Once promotion data is fed into the platform, it is appended to its corresponding product so publishers can discover the promotion when browsing the product marketplace. 

Brand View:

Once a brand uploads its promotion data, partners can discover products with promotions running via the Product Marketplace, API, or FTP download.

Publisher View:

In the Product Marketplace, partners can filter for promoted items, see how long a promotion runs and grab corresponding promotion codes to share across digital properties. Promotion descriptions, promo codes, and promotion dates are also available via API calls and catalog download files. 

Why should I care about Product Promotions?

By sharing promotional information with partners, this feature makes it even easier to form productive partnerships where both parties achieve success. 

For brands, running promotions means more conversions and increased revenue. It can also be an excellent way to liquidate inventory– whether you want to make room for the next season or simply liquidate excess product. Partners can drive awareness for promoted products with accessible promotional data, which translates into more opportunities for monetization. 

If you’re already using and want to find out more —contact your customer success manager or connect with one of our product experts by clicking “need help?” within the platform.

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