How Much Would Automation Boost Your Bottom Line? Try Forrester’s ROI Calculator

Forrester’s ROI calculator for Impact’s Partnership Cloud shows that organisations with $11M annual partnership program revenues could achieve a remarkable 314% ROI over three years with less than a 6-month payback period using Impact’s automation.

Boost Your Bottom Line
Cristy Garcia
Cristy Garcia
Chief Marketing Officer
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Wonder what the actual ROI might be if you automate your partnership program with Impact’s Partnership Cloud? Now you can run the numbers. 

Forrester Consulting developed an interactive ROI calculator based on the Total Economic Impact (TEI) study commissioned by Impact. By working with Impact customers, Forrester quantified in the study the key benefits of investing in the Partnership Cloud, including:

  • Incremental revenue
  • Labor reduction
  • Increase in partner placements

Now you can use their model to get a high-level estimate of your own potential ROI based on your specific business situation. 

Try it out, and prepare to be shocked — in a good way

Forrester’s TEI analysis is serious business. It’s a well-established, independent, and rigorous methodology that they have applied across a variety of technology businesses to analyze benefits, costs, and intangibles. Given that rigor, the results of their TEI of the Partnership Cloud were truly remarkable. They estimated that an organization that sees $11M in annual revenues from their partnership program would see a NPV of $1,767,665 and an ROI of 314% over a three-year period, with a payback period of less than 6 months using Impact’s partnership automation.

With results like that, it’s worth checking out the potential for your business. 
Try the calculator, read the study, then reach out to a growth technologist at Impact to get all your questions answered. We’re here for you at

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