Partner Without Limits

Manage your influencers, affiliates, and all other partnerships on a single intelligent, flexible platform.

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Manage All Your Partnerships in One Place



Coupon, loyalty, and other traditional affiliates that drive value at scale


Social Influencer

Individuals with a significant following who promote a business on social channels and blogs



Blogs, product reviews and other content sites that drive awareness and fill the top of your conversion funnel


B2B Partnerships

Mutually beneficial relationships between enterprises, often in complementary industries



Mobile apps, such as games, utilities, and content


Social Responsibility/Charity

Cause-based relationships that allow enterprises to reach new customers while supporting causes they care about



Customer referral programs, local businesses, and organic influencers who provide valuable word-of-mouth promotion


Premium Publishers

Traditional media publishers who have expanded beyond CPM and CPC to include CPA arrangements


Loyalty Programs

A special class of B2B partnerships, including bank and airline customer loyalty portals

Discover Your Next Top Partner

Keep your program growing by continually finding new, productive partners.

  • Identify new partners through the Partner Marketplace
  • Automate your search with Mediarails’ massive database of more than 800k potential partners

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Stay on Track

Capture each event and attribute payouts accurately with industry-leading tracking.

  • See each touchpoint in the consumer journey, even across multiple devices
  • Drive installs and in-app conversions with TrueLink, our mobile deep linking solution
  • Use (and police) unique promo codes for offline and social tracking
  • Automatically deduplicate conversions from other platforms and networks
  • Enjoy future-proof tracking in a world of ITP and GDPR – no matter what acronym comes next

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Define Your Terms

Decide exactly how you want to work with each partner, then make it happen automatically with intelligent, flexible contracts – no paperwork required.

  • Pay out on first click, last click, or last-to-cart, and offer participation bonuses to partners that provide value but don’t often win credit
  • Reward partners for the true value they generate – not just for conversion volume
  • Adjust payout up or down based on factors like order size, lead quality, new customer, and 100+ more factors.

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Enjoy the View

Track progress and identify opportunities for growth in real time with 40+ standard reports.

  • See performance by partner, device type, promo code, and even by geolocation
  • Schedule reports to appear magically in your inbox (or your boss’s)
  • Dig even deeper into customer LTV and partner incrementality with Partner Insights by Altitude

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We’re Here for You

Get the support you need to sustain your growth. 

  • Learn how to get the most out of Radius with one-on-one help from your client success manager
  • Connect with one of our 20+ certified agency partners for true white-glove service
  • Migrate from your current platform easily, with help from an experienced onboarding project manager

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Achieve World Domination

Want to manage partners in multiple markets? We’ve got you covered.

  • Pay partners in more than 50 local currencies – we’ll handle the conversion
  • Stay native in a platform with 40+ languages
  • Keep it easy with automatic VAT and local tax accounting

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