Ultimate influencer program starter kit

Ultimate influencer program starter kit

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Content included in this KIT

Seven (7) step-by-step ebooks:

  • Ultimate guide to influencer marketing
  • How to pay your influencers today and tomorrow
  • Your influencer program is broken
  • Different strokes for different influencer folks
  • Getting to happily-ever-after influencer partnerships
  • Partnerships in action: Discover untold treasures in seven successful influencer stories
  • The ultimate guide to influencer tiers: from nano creators to megastars

Two (2) blogs:

  • Influencer marketing trends to watch in 2023
  • Why brands should partner with UGC creators to build authentic connections

One (1) infographic that walks you through the process of discovering the right partners:

  • Discover and recruit influencer partners: Find your diamonds in the rough

Four (4) worksheets to guide you in setting up, launching, and growing your influencer program:

  • How to set up a successful influencer program
  • How to create a blueprint for successful influencer campaigns
  • How to evaluate and optimize your partner relationships
  • How to align your audience and partners with your business objectives


Elevate your influencer partnerships with our comprehensive planning kit.

In a world where consumers are increasingly tuning out traditional advertising, there exists a potent solution to captivate their attention and forge genuine connections: influencer partnerships. Influencer marketing has emerged as a reliable method to foster brand awareness, drive revenue growth, and cultivate authentic, enduring relationships. However, many marketers find themselves uncertain about where to begin, pondering the following questions:

  • What is influencer marketing, and how does it work?
  • What are my goals and objectives for influencer partnerships?
  • How will I accurately compensate and reward the influencers in my program?

Address these questions and build a successful influencer program with the Ultimate influencer program starter kit.