Ultimate affiliate program starter kit

Ultimate affiliate program starter kit

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Content included in this KIT

A step-by-step ebook on How an affiliate partnership program works — from first click to payout

  • How an affiliate partnership program works – from first click to payout

Four (4) worksheets and an ebook to guide you in shaping and managing your affiliate program:

  • How to identify your affiliate program goals
  • How to find the right partner mix for your affiliate program
  • How to analyze competing affiliate programs
  • How to recruit and engage affiliate marketing partners

A planning kit to help you recruit, engage, and optimize effective partnerships

Affiliate partnerships offers a viable way to think about relationships with affiliate publishers. Although, it has undergone some serious changes over the years. Consequently, knowing how to manage and optimize your program effectively has changed as well. You need to think about:

  • How do affiliate partnerships operate?
  • How will you measure the success of the partnership?
  • How can you overcome the challenges of planning partnership programs?
  • Does your audience match the type of products or services you plan to promote?

The Ultimate affiliate program starter pack helps you successfully manage your affiliate program and set you on the right path. Inside you’ll find informative ebooks and helpful planning worksheets to help guide you through getting started.