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The new era of commerce content and what it means for you

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Commerce content is off the charts right now — and not just because of pandemic shopping habits. It’s soaring because it brings value to everyone involved. Consumers trust it. Publishers can monetize it without ditching editorial standards. Brands get exposure, new customers, and sales. Best of all, nobody feels bamboozled like they do with ads.

New research from FORTUNE details key developments in the channel and what they mean, and Impact previews the report findings at a special edition of iPX Connect. Marketers, agencies, and publishers who attend can be the first to leverage the new data and get the latest insights from top innovators in commerce content.

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Commerce content and the new digital paradigm

Commerce content is transforming the intersection of brands, publishers, and consumers. Adoption rates are soaring; attitudes are evolving; and the challenges, rewards, and best practices dominate the conversation. This fall, there will be even more to talk about. Two parallel research studies are coming out: one focused on publisher monetization and the other on brand activities. In this session with CEO David A. Yovanno, you’ll get an exclusive preview of the findings and what they mean for brands, agencies, and publishers. You’ll leave with a fresh understanding of the dynamics and direction of this channel as well as insights and strategies to apply to your programs today.


The growing importance of commerce content

Commerce content offers an exciting and significant new revenue stream for publishers and a powerful business-building channel for brands. But as the landscape becomes more crowded, differentiation is key. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from some of the most innovative publishers and brands in the commerce content space about how to create a unique strategy, drive growth, and deliver value.

Commerce content: An untapped growth opportunity for retailers

As e-commerce rose rapidly during the pandemic, so did commerce content, emerging as a vital component of publishers’ revenues and a new way for retailers to connect with shoppers via review articles, listicles, comparison shopping articles and new product announcements. Consumers crave authentic content they can trust and retailers can use commerce content to capitalise on this trust publishers have with their audiences to increase brand awareness, grow revenue, and acquire new customers.


Featured Speakers

Learn from the best. Don’t miss these inspiring speakers leading the way in commerce content.

Kayla Castro

Director, Affiliates & Strategic Collaboration, Avocado Green Brands

Bryce Widelitz

VP, Publisher Innovation, Trackonomics

Christopher Herbert

SVP Operations and Strategy, CNN

David A. Yovanno


Breton Fischetti

VP, Commerce Revenue, Recurrent Ventures

Nadia Lotter

Head of Marketing & D2C, Boody

Chris Wirasinha

Co-Founder, Linkby

Matt Gudge

Head of Marketing, BRG

Julia Edwards

Head of Strategic Solutions, Yahoo!

Peter Bray

Sales Director,

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Latest research

In 2020, over 2 billion people bought goods or services online, spending $4.2 trillion in the process. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly helped spur the 25% increase in digital commerce over the course of the year, but this profound change in the way people shop may very well be permanent.

New research for brands

The state of commerce content in 2021

Consumer behavior is changing and brands need new ways to engage with their audiences—in ways that establish trust. Commerce content offers a promising opportunity to grow your new business in an authentic way. Get the data that allows you to benchmark your program against others, hear some of the biggest challenges marketers are facing with commerce content today, and how to overcome these obstacles so you can truly connect with your consumers in a way that enables that circle of trust that traditional advertising won’t.

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New research for publishers

Commerce content providers and the new digital paradigm

Digital commerce has exploded and consumers are hungry for trustworthy information and insights. As a result, digital publishers are feeling the need to scale up commerce content programs. Our research with FORTUNE Brand Studio provides the best opportunities for organizations looking to enhance their commerce content strategies and the tools top publishers have found most effective in driving growth.

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