Marketing Tech Symposium 2023 is proud to be a sponsor of Australia’s most-loved MarTech conference. Immerse yourself in the forefront of marketing technology at the 2023 Symposium, where you can engage with industry pioneers, delve into AI and analytics, and experience VR/AR integration.

September 11, 2023

Hunter Valley, Australia

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Marketing Tech Symposium 2023

These times are atypical yet incredibly thrilling for leaders in the fields of marketing and technology.

The volatile economic climate has led to tighter budgets, prompting close scrutiny of your marketing expenditures. With teams operating on a smaller scale, the need to achieve more with fewer resources is paramount. Additionally, in the aftermath of significant data breaches, consumers are advocating for greater protection from governmental bodies.

The rapid integration of AI is revolutionizing every aspect of these domains.

Navigating the continuously evolving MarTech landscape to uncover novel technologies and collaborate with fresh data sources, all aimed at better comprehending, reaching, and engaging your clientele, can often be overwhelming and perplexing. Given the extensive array of solutions and partnerships available, how can marketers ascertain what is effective and what isn’t? How can they ensure that their investments are aligned with future growth?

Staying ahead of the swiftly progressing MarTech world has never held such significance.

This is where the Marketing Tech Symposium comes into play: a congregation of 150 of the most astute marketers in ANZ, offering a concentrated wealth of collective knowledge. This resource aids in unraveling solutions to the predicaments that keep you awake at night, as well as providing the answers that your leaders seek, particularly during challenging economic circumstances.

Prominent themes for 2023 encompass:

AI: This is your occasion to demystify the revolutionary potential of this technology. What implications does it carry for you, your team, and your job stability? When employed effectively, it presents an extraordinary opportunity, but what if it falls short? What are the appropriate inquiries to make, allowing you to stay aligned with the trend, and to whom should these inquiries be directed?

Data Privacy & Ethics: How does the risk posed by impending federal government regulations impact your marketing operations? How can you adapt and preemptively address the impending alterations? How will this reshape your operational approach?

Unified CX & Personalization: How can you reshape your communication methods to seamlessly harmonize with your customer journeys? To what extent might new regulations hinder your efforts, and what strategies can you adopt in response?

Data Democratisation: What strategies can you employ to enable your entire organization to harness one of your most potent assets? What best practices in governance should you be conscious of when infusing your business’s DNA with data?

Marketing Operations: How can you optimize your marketing processes to demonstrate the value of your investments in this realm? Who is leveraging these processes? Do they possess the necessary expertise, and is their approach being effectively challenged?

The People Opportunity: What are the successful strategies for empowering your personnel to enhance the impact of your technological initiatives?

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