K5 future retail conference

K5: Hub for e-commerce and retail leaders. Annual conference in Berlin, interactive platforms, knowledge exchange, connections, and success in e-commerce.

June 20 - 21, 2023

Berlin, Germany

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K5 future retail conference

The K5 future retail conference serves as the central contact point for companies aiming to play a significant role in shaping the future of e-commerce and retail. In the realm of future retail, renowned retailers and service providers from German-speaking countries rely on the K5 as their trusted partner.

The annual K5 future retail conference is held in Berlin, where the digital retail community convenes to exchange knowledge and insights on the latest advancements. Complementing this flagship event, the K5 offers various interactive platforms, including the weekly LIVE format known as K5 TV, the streaming platform called K5 KLUB, and engaging K5 podcasts.

These channels provide in-depth perspectives on current trends, market developments, expert analyses, and captivating start-up stories. By leveraging the comprehensive K5 platform, retailers and service providers can remain well-informed and establish valuable connections. This collective effort contributes to the success of e-commerce and paves the way for thriving future retail experiences.

Come and say hi, you will find us in hall II at booth 94.

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