RealtyNinja saw a 2x increase in conversion rate from referrals

RealtyNinja is a SaaS company that provides all the necessary tools to create beautiful, user-friendly websites for real estate agents in Canada. Recognizing the potential impact of a customer referral program on their growth, RealtyNinja initially implemented a manual referral reward system. However, they soon realized that maintaining and scaling this process was challenging.

Believing that the right tools, automation, and expertise could fully unlock this growth avenue, RealtyNinja chose (formerly SaaSquatch by as their referral program partner.

Through / advocate, RealtyNinja customers can refer friends, offering them a 10% monthly discount while also receiving a 10% subscription discount once their friend’s website is launched.

Since launching the program, RealtyNinja has experienced consistent improvements across multiple business areas. They’ve automatically and effortlessly attracted and retained high-value customers at a previously unattainable scale.

The partnership with / advocate led to significant results for RealtyNinja:

  • 16% of new users come from referrals
  • 136% higher conversion rate than free trials
  • Twice the conversion rate compared to paid ads

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