Homage boosts revenue by 485%

Homage, a brand known for its specialty apparel, takes pride in crafting garments that pay tribute to eclectic moments and personalities from the past. However, to maintain and enhance its speed and performance over time, it recognized the importance of incorporating strength training into the routines of its dedicated runners.

While partnerships played a crucial role in Homage’s business growth, managing them proved challenging. To address this, the team used two platforms to run its affiliate and influencer programs, leading to a fragmented approach. Juggling between multiple platforms resulted in a cumbersome and intricate process for managing and communicating with partners, consuming valuable time and effort.

Fortunately, Homage found a solution in impact.com, a centralized partnerships management platform. This innovative platform allowed them to scale and optimize all kinds of partnerships. By streamlining operations and improving reporting, it empowered the team to incentivize partners, facilitate quick onboarding and asset sharing, and focus on transparency, detailed data analysis, and efficient collaboration with partners. Consequently, its partnerships reached optimal efficiency, leading to a significant surge in sales.

What truly set impact.com apart were its advanced tracking and reporting functions. Leveraging these capabilities, Homage was able to secure major content partnerships and tap into new markets, ultimately achieving an impressive return on investment of 485% – nearly five times the initial investment!

If you want to replicate Homage’s success and drastically boost your program’s numbers, consider the power of impact.com. Let it be the catalyst for your brand’s growth and watch as your partnerships flourish.