CurrencyFair’s revenue grows 98% with customized contracts and payouts for partners

CurrencyFair was created to assist expats looking for simple ways to move money to and from their new home countries. CurrencyFair knew that leveraging the right affiliate partners was key to reaching this audience and to achieving their ambitious revenue growth goals — but affiliate channel growth had been stagnant. Plus, their existing program was inflexible, which gave them limited options for improvement.

Once CurrencyFair joined Impact’s Partnership Cloud, they were able to shift from a flat payout rate across all partners to fine-tuned rates for each partnership, and even for different products within a given partnership. Smart contracting and focusing on acquiring high-value customers produced exceptional results, increasing their revenue growth 98% YoY, 82% YoY action growth, and 16% YoY partner growth.

Get the details on how they did it in this case study.