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In business these days speed often wins.

You’ve probably read a lot about high speed trading. High speed Internet. And even high speed rail.

Being able to respond instantly to a potential customer or to an existing client is the way things work now. Being fast matters.

In the world of digital advertising speed counts more than ever.

Let’s consider the part of the digital advertising ecosystem where speed seems to matter most, programmatic buying and selling. It’s remarkable how much capital and brainpower have gone into making sure that the right digital ad is delivered to the right audience at the right price really fast. It’s clear that more digital buying and selling is moving to programmatic. And we at Forensiq are right in the middle of the RTB space providing data to buyers and sellers in real time.

Now there’s real time and what might be considered real, real time. For Forensiq real time in the pre bid means being able to deliver a risk score on an impression in 5 milliseconds. The decision then is do I serve this ad or not. To do this we need to co-locate servers in a DSP’s or SSP’s data center. This is because were we not co-located the calls being done at the speed of light would be too slow.

How fast are 5 milliseconds? It’s faster than the blink of an eye. Or the time it takes for a hummingbird to flap its wings once. That’s quick.

Forensiq is pleased that our technology is able to keep pace with where digital media buying and selling is going. Being part of the programmatic media world is a way for our company to get to where we want to go. Fast.

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