5 Sure-fire reasons publishers and creators join Impact’s Marketplace

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Whether you’re an influencer or content creator, joining Impact’s Marketplace is a great way to find and work with brand partners and generate more earnings. Watch the video and find out more about why you should sign up today!

You’ll gain: Access to brands: Brands join marketplaces for the same reason you do — to find top-tier partners. So, if they’re in a marketplace, they’re ready, willing, and eager to partner.

Flex revenue options: You can negotiate payment for the valuable traffic you send to brands or the conversions you drive — whatever makes the most sense for both of you.

Simplicity: With all the capabilities housed under one roof, you can reach out to hundreds of brands and scale your partnerships without switching across to other platforms or executing manual tasks like emails or contracts one-by-one.

Metrics: With reports that show exactly how your content drives engagement with each brand, you’ll have the data necessary to prove your value and negotiate better terms with your brand partners.

Product selection: Search for products that will resonate with your audience. Pick from one of the many brands that sell it through Impact’s Marketplace.

Watch the video, or go straight to Impact’s Marketplace and create an account for free to get started now.

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