FREE CERTIFICATION LEARNING PATH Product Training – Associate Certification Path

You’ve got the basics of the platform down. Now, let’s to dive deeper! In this Product associate learning path, you’ll learn more advanced use cases for the platform, and gain the knowledge required to manage a basic account on

Who is this for?

Affiliate marketers

Who are new to the industry and want to develop skills in this field.


Who would like to learn more about one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels available.

Program managers

Who would like to have a strong understanding of the basics of affiliate marketing and level up from there.

Affiliate managers

Who need help with affiliate marketing industry best practices, worksheets, templates, and tracking documents to successfully manage their program.

What you'll learn?

This course expands upon the Product Training – Fundamentals Certification Path.

You’ve got the basics of the platform down. Now, let’s dive deeper! This course is geared towards advertisers, agencies, and anyone managing an advertiser account on You’ll learn more advanced use cases for the platform, and gain the knowledge required to manage a basic account on For expert-level tools and tactics, see our Expert course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to use the platform to discover new partnerships and recruit them into your affiliate and partnerships program.
  • Recognize different tracking use cases and how to set them up.
  • Determine the best way to contract with a partner for a given payment scenario.
  • Protect your program against fraud with tools.
  • Engage with partners via messaging and other features.
  • Analyze your performance and optimize your program accordingly.
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Course curriculum

Discover and Recruit
Instructor’s Discover tool finds partners for brands—minimal effort required! In this course, you'll learn how brands can put their discovery process on autopilot for influencer search, social listening, browsing prospective partner profiles, and more. Click below to get started!

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Contract and Pay

In this course, you’ll discover how to maximize the productivity of your partnerships and drive rapid growth, plus how to choose your desired business outcomes and reward the partners that drive them. You’ll also learn about defining your terms with flexible electronic contracting, settling payments at the click of a button, and using Dynamic Payouts to automatically adjust partner commissions. Excited? Click the button below to get started!

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In this course, you'll learn how to use’s Track feature to create partner tracking links and attribute performance, no matter how many devices customers use! You’ll be prepared to future-proof your program by plugging into’s APIs. Plus, you’ll get some practice with the pending payout screens, where you can tinker with pending actions. Click below to start now!

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Protect and Monitor

By the Protect and Monitor phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, partnerships are up and running, so the next thing to do is safeguard those partnerships against unwanted activity. In the Protect suite, you’ll be able to examine suspicious traffic, create violation alerts, and generate various reports. Understanding which publishers operate within your region, as well as how they operate, is essential for discovering and recruiting an impressively diversified, symbiotic partner mix. To learn more about this, click the button below!

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This course dives into's Engage features, which are perfectly crafted for nurturing relationships with partners to ensure they have all of the resources they need to be dynamos! Some of the features you’ll become acquainted with in this course include sending automated messages and generating insights reports. To get started, click below!

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This course is about the Optimize feature of the platform. The goal of the Optimize phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, and's corresponding suite, is to use reports to gain a vivid understanding of a brand’s program, and then use those insights to improve the operations of the partnership channel. Click the button below to get started!

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