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FREE CERTIFICATION LEARNING PATH Product Training – Expert Certification Path

So you can find your way around the platform, tinker with reports and contracts, analyze native statistics, and even approach potential partners and manage your relationships. Now it’s time to really kick it up a notch! Here, you’ll discover the sprawling potential of the tools and tactics tailored for the myriad use cases found in every corner of the Partnerships Life Cycle.

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Welcome to the Product Expert Certification Path! We’re glad you’ve made it this far. This learning path is the capstone of the platform training.

Here, you’ll discover the sprawling potential of the tools and tactics tailored for the myriad use cases found in every corner of the Partnerships Life Cycle. Advertisers, agencies, and anyone managing an agency are encouraged to take this course in mastering the cleverest partnership management platform on the web.

By the end of this certification path, you will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of the white label partnership experience and how brands benefit from it, and how to use Discover when recruiting partners by following best practices.
  • Explain how to pay partners by setting up payout limits and restrictions.
  • Identify the different finance settings and configurations best practices, and locate partner funding and billing features.
  • Outline the basics of tracking in the platform, and apply fundamental principles when working with crediting on the platform.
  • Evaluate the need for custom attribution models.
  • Appraise a mobile app integration on, highlighting the importance of mobile tracking and when to use it appropriately.
  • Perform messaging best practices and management tactics when creating various types of ads to engage partners using
  • Explain how to investigate and contact violating partners flagged with a high attribution risk percentage.
  • Pull different reports to analyze information and gain deeper insights about a partnership program.
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Discover and Recruit

So, you can feel your way around’s Discover suite, but now it’s time to seriously cash in on its features. The Discover and Recruit Product Expert course, part of the Product Expert Certification Path, will teach you about effective practices and add-ons to help you become a Discover wizard. We’ll take you through landing pages, direct links, and attracting potential partners—all of which is part of the prestigious white label partnership experience. Click below to learn more.

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Contract and Pay

At this point, the Contract and Pay features of aren’t completely alien to you, but your product knowledge could use a level-up so you can make sure your campaign is a killer one. In this course, you’ll discover how to implement best practices and use the different settings, features, and configurations in the Contract and Pay suite to ensure the contracts you propose to partners protect everyone involved. Click below to learn more!

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In this course, you’ll be introduced to some neat tools brands can use on the Track suite, like creating unique attribution models (don’t worry, we’ll tell you what these are before we teach you how to use them!) You’ll also learn all about two of the most indispensable practices for modern affiliate marketing—mobile and third-party integrations and tracking. Learn all about it by clicking the button down below.

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Instructor’s Engage feature offers sophisticated tools for affiliate partnership collaboration, like product catalogs, downloadable message lists and templates, and customizable ads—including repurposing those ads to cater to different partners' specific needs. In this course, you'll learn how brands can implement these tools and other advanced marketing techniques to foster engagement with their partners.

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Protect and Monitor

You’ve already learnt about the importance of safeguarding a brand’s partnerships against unwanted activity, so now let’s explore why a partner might be flagged as potentially fraudulent. In this course, you’ll also learn about when it is appropriate to contact partners about dodgy activity, as well as the best practices to follow when contacting them. Click the button below to get started!

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This course is about the Optimize feature of the platform. In Associate level you learned about the different reports. In the Expert, we unpack each reporting tool, to enhance the understanding of your brand's program better, and recommend how those insights will better your program further. Learn how to use these powerful tools by clicking on the button below.

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