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Protect and Monitor Product Training – Associate

You know about the importance of shielding your program against corruption and dodgy actors. has a special solution just for this—the Protect suite. Enroll in this course to learn all about it!

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Course overview

By the Protect and Monitor phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, partnerships are up and running, so the next thing to do is safeguard those partnerships against unwanted activity. In the Protect suite, you’ll be able to examine suspicious traffic, create violation alerts, and generate various reports. 

This course will teach you how to use the suite, as well as what attribution risk is. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Protect suite.
  • Discuss the core function of the search compliance tool.
  • Create a search compliance monitoring policy.
  • Lodge a search compliance policy violation.
  • Interpret the search compliance monitoring report.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of attribution risk.
  • Discuss the core function of the attribution risk tool.
  • Interpret attribution risk reports.
  • Set up attribution risk monitoring alerts.
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Course curriculum

Lesson 1
Search Compliance

Let's look at the search compliance tab which houses reports of partners’ search activities on search engines. The search compliance monitoring tool runs in the background and crawls ad information a certain number of times per day and reports all the ads bidding on selected keywords.

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Lesson 2
Attribution Risk

Let's have a look at attribution risk, where we provide an overview of the Summary, Details, Removals, and Alerts. This will help you determine the quality of any partner's traffic by uncovering partners that may be participating in attribution fraud.

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