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Optimize: Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Training – Associate Course

Enroll in the last course in this learning path! Optimize is the sixth phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle. It’s not quite the end of the cycle, though, because it’s where brands continually optimize their partnerships by using advanced analytics.

Who is this for?

Affiliate marketers

Who want to learn skills to help them be more effective in their roles.

Partnership leaders

Who would like to better support the teams that they manage.

Affiliate managers

Who want to stay organized and increase their efficiency.

What you'll learn?

Course overview

In this course, you’ll reach the final stage of the Partnerships Life Cycle journey. You’ll learn about Optimize, which is where brands perform the continual optimization of their partnerships via advanced analytics to drive growth and increase efficiency. Those analytics help brands drive growth, boost efficiency, and ultimately expand into new, super-valuable partnerships, ready to begin the Partnerships Life Cycle all over again.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze which KPIs will be important to study.
  • Describe the levels of data granularity in a brand’s program.
  • Identify different ways to perform lift analysis.
  • Explain how brands can use reports to gain a rich understanding of their program.
  • Demonstrate how to use those insights to improve the operations of a brand’s own partnership channel for success.
Course details
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Course curriculum

Lesson 1
Key Performance Indicators: KPI Categories

In this lesson, we will uncover how to align the brand’s affiliate marketing and partnerships goals with the brand's overall company goals.

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Lesson 2
Data Granularity: Data Granularity Types

This lesson covers the different types of data granularity.

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Lesson 3
Analyzing Performance: The Three Stages

This lesson covers the three stages to analyzing performance.

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Lesson 4
Analyzing Performance: Scenarios for Analyzing Performance

This lesson takes you through different scenarios for analyzing performance.

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Lesson 5
Analyzing Performance: Hitting Target Metrics

This lesson focuses on how to hit your target metrics.

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Lesson 6
Analyzing Performance: What Data Do I Need?

Take this lesson to find out what data you would need to analyze your performance.

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Lesson 7
Lift Analysis: Reasons for a Lift Analysis
Here we cover the reasons for a lift analysis.

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Lesson 8
Lift Analysis: Lift Analysis Calculation

In this lesson learn how to do some lift analysis calculations.

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Lesson 9
Lift Analysis: Lift Analysis Examples

Tackle some lift analysis examples in this lesson!

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