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Influencer Partnership Types & Content Formats Course

If you want to pursue influencer partnerships, you’ve got to get familiar with every kind of influencer. Enroll here to learn which kind of influencer is right for your campaign—and why.

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Influencer partnerships come in myriad forms, and it’s important to keep up with their evolution. Getting a grip on each partnership type will help you to create influencer campaigns that best support your channel and company goals. This course builds on what you’ve learnt about influencer partnerships so far, getting a little more specific about influencer tiers, where they are most appropriately used, as well as influencer niches and content formats, like Instagram stories and TikTok posts.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different influencer tiers.
  • Select which tier would be best to focus on to reach your goals.
  • Recognize how different categories can help target specific audiences.
  • Determine which types of influencer content will best suit your campaign goals.
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Lesson 1
Influencer Tiers
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate u0026 Partnerships Education at PXA
Coady Joy

Take a close look at the various influencer tiers, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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Lesson 2
Influencer Niche Categories
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate u0026 Partnerships Education at PXA
Coady Joy

Influencers don't just fall into different tiers; they're also categorized by niche. Learn more here!

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Lesson 3
Types of Influencer Content
Laura Press
Head of Affiliate u0026 Partnerships Education at PXA
Laura Press

Time to shift focus to content—and specifically figuring out which kinds of content will work best for a given influencer campaign.

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