Free Certification Path Product Training – Associate Certification Path

You’ve got the basics of the platform down. Now, let’s dive a little deeper! This certification path is perfect for advertisers, agencies, and anyone managing an advertiser account on

Who is this for?

Affiliate marketers

Who want to save time and money with automated solutions to their work.

Partnership leaders

Who need a view of all available tools to grow a publisher's business.

Affiliate managers

Who are looking to get more done more quickly.

What you'll learn?

Course overview

This certification path expands upon the Product Training Fundamentals Certification Path.

Advertisers, agencies, and anyone managing an advertiser account on would benefit from completing this path. You’ll encounter more advanced use cases for the platform across every phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, and you’ll absorb the knowledge required to manage a basic account on For expert-level tools and tactics, see our Expert course.

By the end of this certification path, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to use the platform to discover new partnerships and recruit them into your affiliate and partnerships program.
  • Recognize different tracking use cases and how to set them up.
  • Determine the best way to contract with a partner for a given payment scenario.
  • Protect your program against fraud using tools.
  • Engage with partners via messaging and other features.
  • Analyze your performance and optimize your program accordingly.
Course details
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Course curriculum

Lesson 1
Discover and Recruit Product Training – Associate

Still struggling to use to find and recruit new partners on your platform? Look no further! Enroll in this course to strengthen your understanding of how to navigate the Discover section of the platform.

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Lesson 2
Contract and Pay Product Training – Associate

The Contracts and Finance section of the can be a little tricky to master. No worries—we've made it simple to understand with this course, where you’ll learn how building contracts works and what all those little tabs mean.

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Lesson 3
Track Product Training – Associate

Want to get those juicy statistics about how your program is performing? Take this course on how to use the Track feature of the platform, which is where you can create partner tracking links, generate reports, and more.

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Lesson 4
Protect and Monitor Product Training – Associate

You know about the importance of shielding your program against corruption and dodgy actors. has a special solution just for this—the Protect suite. Enroll in this course to learn all about it!

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Lesson 6
Engage Product Training – Associate

In this course, you'll learn how to utilize's Engage features to nurture relationships with partners and keep them up to date and on-brand. The best parts about it? Automated workflows, fully customizable dashboards and reports, and product catalogs!

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Lesson 6
Optimize Product Training – Associate

This phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle is all about exposing fraud in a brand's conversion paths and cutting out invalid traffic. This is how a brand ensures that all the hard work it puts into planning its program doesn't fall victim to suspicious actors.

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Lesson 7

Finally, we reach the last stage in the Partnerships Life Cycle—Optimize. It's all about using in-depth reporting to devise the most powerful ways to improve a brand's relationships with its partners. has a robust reporting suite just for this.

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CERTIFICATION EXAM: Product Training – Associate

You've made it to the final exam of the Product Training – Associate certification path. Woohoo! In this 60-minute assessment, you'll apply what you learned about the platform. If you pass, you'll receive a certificate which you can share on LinkedIn to impress your network.

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