FREE CERTIFICATION PATH / creator Product Training Fundamentals Certification Path / creator’s capabilities are perfectly tailored for brands and influencers alike! Enroll in this certification path to master the basics of this robust and versatile tool.

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Course overview / creator is the ultimate influencer campaign management software, and this certification path is brimming with insights and strategies for elevating your brand’s presence and engagement through the platform.

Led by Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, you’ll explore everything from the platform’s basic functions and homepage to locating your ideal creators and crafting a robust campaign. 

By the end of this certification path, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the / creator homepage.
  • Find creators to work with who align with your campaign goals.
  • Formulate a campaign scope of work.
  • Manage a successful influencer campaign via the platform.
  • Access and collect content for repurposing.
  • Use’s survey tool to create and send surveys to your influencers.
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1 / creator: Launch Your Influencer Journey
15 min
Coady Joy
Coady Joy

In this course, Coady provides tips on using the platform to find the perfect creators, manage campaigns, and extend content lifespans.

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