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Contracting Capabilities for Brands and Agencies

This learning path is a journey through the intermediate and advanced functionalities of the Finance suite. We’ve got two courses on the menu!

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Enroll in the Associate course to discover the easy magic of template terms, the contract builder, and how to use the Contracting section to manage a brand’s invoicing and payment schedule. You’ll also get an overview of each tab in the Finance section.

When you’re comfortable, move on to the Expert course to learn about payout limits and restrictions, how to modify contracts and terms, and how to design funding and billing strategies. You’ll learn best practices for finance configurations on the platform, too.

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Course 1
Contract and Pay: Product Training – Associate
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education at PXA
Coady Joy

In this course, you’ll discover how to maximize the productivity of your partnerships and drive rapid growth, plus how to choose your desired business outcomes and reward the partners that drive them. You’ll also learn about defining your terms with flexible electronic contracting, settling payments at the click of a button, and using dynamic payouts to automatically adjust partner commissions.

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Course 2
Contract and Pay: Platform Training – Expert
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education at PXA
Coady Joy

At this point, the Contract and Pay features of aren’t completely alien to you, but your product knowledge could use a level-up so you can make sure your campaign is a killer one. In this course, you’ll discover how to use the different settings, features, and configurations in the Contract and Pay suite to ensure the contracts you propose to partners protect everyone involved and allow you to create incentives for your partners that align with the value to your brand.

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