Fortify Your Partnerships

Identify fraud across your entire conversion path. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships.

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Save Spend for Productive Partners

Purge Fraud, Promote Value

Eliminate Attribution Fraud

Bad actors game attribution models to steal credit, claiming payouts for conversion events they didn’t drive.

Pay for Leads, Not Dead Ends

Fraud operators love to target lead-generation and cost-per-sale campaigns, collecting high payments for stolen or recycled info.

Stop Funding Fake Installs

Fake installs can come from human or bot-based fraud farms, achieving scale across hundreds of hijacked mobile devices and mimicking legitimate behavior.

Monitor your traffic for simple and sophisticated click fraud techniques to cut out attribution fraud and strengthen relationships with quality partners.

Gain real-time insights into suspicious traffic sources to quickly identify high-risk partners. Block payments for illegitimate lead and conversion events.

Leverage layered detection methods to discern and flag sources resembling install farms and bots. Pay only for valid installs.

Automatically Suppress Payments

Benefit from an industry first: machine learning fraud scoring integrated with payment processing to systematically suppress payouts to high-risk sources before they become chargebacks. Automate traffic quality assurance and partner relationship management all at once.

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Fraud Reports with Reason Codes + Summary Stats

For events flagged as suspicious or high-risk, get transparent, qualifying reason codes that inform you about the nature of the suspicious traffic. Synthesize insights and show aggregate views of your traffic quality with summary statistics.

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Data Science Support

We have enlisted a global team of data scientists to train your sophisticated detection algorithms, maintain fraud intelligence databases, and provide customized service. With their support, you’ll always have a dynamic answer to evolving fraud.

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Take the Risk Out of Global Expansion

With our built-in hedge against fraud, you can approach performance partnerships in new markets confidently and securely. Expand into international territories knowing that accountability is integrated into your new partnerships.

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Fraud Protection that Impacts Your Income Statement

One enterprise leveraging the Partnership Cloud to score supply and demand side conversion campaigns flagged / paused partners with high attribution risk.


Of client’s conversion events show high attribution risk.


Total annualized impact for client’s first year of performance fraud protection.

Full-funnel Partnership Protection

Fraud permeates every facet of digital advertising, from impressions to conversions. Take a full- funnel approach to connect fraudulent activity at the macro level and stay at the forefront of detection across all environments (for example, by connecting hidden ads to downstream install attribution fraud).

Visit the Fraud Protection Glossary to learn more about how bad actors target the entire conversion path.

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Impact Partnership Cloud

Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ manages, protects, and optimizes all of your organization’s different partnerships.
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Case Study


Lemmonet integrated Forensiq into scoring clicks and app installs, filtering out risky traffic prior to the install event. By filtering fraudulent traffic before the actual install, Lemmonet’s traffic quality improved significantly. This proactive anti-fraud stance allowed them to invest in building better partnerships with advertisers and ultimately grow their business.

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