Paid Search Monitoring

Are your branded keywords fully protected?

Close to 50% of all online sales start on a search engine. Your branded keywords let you capitalize on this and ensure your customers find you easily. But when others use your branded keywords, you lose sales from high-intent customers.

Find and resolve keyword violations quickly

From keyword monitoring to enforcement and resolution, Paid Search Monitoring gives you everything you need to protect your branded terms — all within’s Partnership Management Platform.

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Monitor everything
Monitor everything 24/7’s crawler searches for your protected terms across all relevant search engines — and flags potential violations, no matter where or when
the bidding occurred.

Save hours with automation
Save hours with automation

When you find a violation, you can easily alert the partner, give them a deadline, and check their progress via the built-in resolution workflow—all using automation.

Manage it all
Manage it all on one platform

If you’re already managing
partnerships on one platform, it can
be a hassle to log into another one to monitor search compliance. Now handle everything in one place.

Stop branded keyword bidding before it gets out of control

We’ll scan the web daily, show you where your branded keywords are being used, and notify you when there is an issue. Customize and automate remediation actions to put your search monitoring policies on autopilot and stop keyword hijacking before it becomes a problem.

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You tell us which keywords you want us to monitor. We’ll tell you when your partners or other non-contracted publishers use your keywords in their paid search ads.

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Create, automate, and enforce rules to catch and resolve keyword violations – quick & easy – directly from your partnership management platform account


Grow and optimize your partner programs

Find out how the partnership management platform can help you automate and scale all your partnerships.