Season 2 | Episode 2

Getting back to in-person events, ad fraud, and the upward momentum of partnerships

Season 2 Ep1 Julia

Undoubtedly, the present moment offers a thrilling atmosphere for those involved in the realms of marketing and advertising. As the world progressively emerges from the depths of the pandemic’s impact, there is a noticeable surge in global events, collaborations, and marketing undertakings. In this particular episode, Todd engages in a conversation with a guest who boasts an impressive 27-year tenure within the digital advertising domain. Julia Linehan, the visionary behind The Digital Voice, a distinguished B2B PR agency specializing in offering PR services to pioneering forces in Ad and Martech such as White Bullet, Hybrid Theory, and Exit Bee, among others, takes center stage. Additionally, she holds the position of Head of PR and Impact at Bloom UK. Revered as “The Voice,” Julia’s professional journey has earned her numerous award nominations, including recognition as one of the top 5 Digital Trading Leaders of 2016 at the Drum Digital Trading Awards and a well-deserved spot on the 40OverForty List in 2021. Throughout their conversation, Todd and Julia delve into various subjects encompassing the transition back to in-person events, the intricacies of ad fraud and its potential ramifications for brands, as well as the escalating trend of forging strategic partnerships.

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