Season 3 | Episode 9

Marketing a niche product to niche audiences through partnerships

S3E9 - Ian McGlumphy, Head of Partnership

In this episode, Dave Yovanno, the host, engages in a conversation with Ian McGlumphy, who holds the position of Head of Partnership and Events at Apollo Neuro. Apollo Neuro is a company renowned for its expertise in crafting wearable technology aimed at alleviating stress. Ian elaborates on the company’s proficient and strategic collaborations with podcasters, creators, commerce content affiliates, B2B associates, review platforms, and more. The discussion delves into how these partnerships form a diverse program. Ian further dissects the utilization of partnerships as a means to market a specialized product to specific target audiences. Additionally, he outlines the ways in which partnership-generated content can be repurposed across various marketing channels to propel continued expansion.

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