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Let’s start with a doozy: 

  1. Partnerships should be every advertiser’s largest paid marketing channel. That’s according to Aaron Weigum of Disney Streaming Services, who gave one of the most interesting talks at this year’s Affiliate Summit West 2020 in Las Vegas. Aaron is bullish on partnerships as a way to diversify from the Google/Facebook duopoly, reach niche audiences, and add value that ads increasingly can’t. 

That’s just one of the key insights we carried home from Affiliate Summit West 2020, which brought together more than 6,000 members of the performance marketing community for networking, learning, and debate. 

And four more takeaways from ASW 2020 . . . 

Here are four more of the big themes that came out of a study presented by a conference panel that included Todd Crawford, our VP of strategic initiatives. The study was conducted by the PMA in part to measure the size of the U.S. performance marketing industry. 

2. Performance marketing is a big deal. According to the study, advertisers spent $6.2B on performance advertising in 2018.

3. Retail is king. Retailers account for 50% of that total spend, followed by financial services at 35%. In terms of ROAS, however, Travel leads among the sectors.

4. Content is huge. A significant 39% of affiliate revenue is now paid to “content and bloggers.” That’s just under what’s spent on cashback, loyalty, rewards, coupons, vouchers, and rebates combined! 

5. Coupons and deals remain key. Together, they still account for the most affiliate spend, and, tellingly, three entire sessions at the summit were dedicated to trends and tactics in the world of coupons.

Of course, at the summit and across the marketing spectrum, we’re seeing the affiliate universe expanding to encompass more kinds of partnerships and possibilities. 

Want more insights from ASW 2020? Impact CEO David A. Yovanno participated in one of the more lively discussions at the event, and you can read all about it in Partner or Affiliate? That’s the Burning Question From Affiliate Summit West

To broaden your affiliate horizons to the expanded universe of partnerships, reach out to a growth technologist now at

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