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In a stay-at-home, work-at-home, world, we’re closer to our pets than ever before. At a time when we can all use a little companionship and affection — not to mention a reason to get out of the house — our pets are stepping up. 

In honor of the pets who bring new meaning to the term sheltering in place, we’ve gathered up a list of social media influencers whose lives and content feature animals they care about. 

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Here are a few of our top-”dog” creators with critters:

Stephanie Ziajka: Dog mom and Southern girl living in a Midwestern world

Rebecca Black: Queen of the side hustle, dog mom, and endometriosis advocate

S T Y L E C H I C 360: Style queen and her little pal Prince

leslie.ackerso: Journalist who loves life, pets, and people

mrkongsmom: Crazy pug lady and beauty junky

Alyson Haley: American living in London with her doxy babies

kirbythefrenchie: Meet the inimitable Kirby and his moms

Vampy Varnish (Kelly K.): Border Collies, Maine Coons, great nails, and more

H U M P H R E YW A T S O N: A teacup full of fun

thrivingwink: Life with big dogs and Thrive supplements

Buster & Bolter: Two sassy, spoiled miniature Schnauzers

Dogs on Deployment: Nonprofit helping troops board their pets

A Midwestern Mix: Fitness, fashion, and four-leggeds

Amanda: Dog mom selling dog merch

Christy’s Cozy Corners: Faith, films, and a dog named Duke

Bored Panda: Lightweight platform featuring creativity and creatures

SoCal Golden Retriever Rescue: Finding homes for Goldens and almost-Goldens

3MilllionDogs: Making the world a better place for dogs

Kait • Modern Hippie Habits: Holistic living featuring dogs Tink & Meek

Raku & Fenix: Adventures with intrepid Aussie Shepherds

Melissa Caughey/Tilly’s Nest: Backyard chickens, beekeeping, and more

Tori Mistick: Labrador dog mom and shop

Rechael Roe | A Daydream Love: Fashion and lifestyle with new baby and dog Jacob

Bella’s Big Adventure: Two Goldens hit the road

Cic The Cat!: Big cat with even bigger personality

Erin Palos: Running with huskies at her side

Abby Chesnut: Product reviews and giveaways for pet parents

secretsofjessica: Fitness, travel, and Schnauzer life

Carley Knobloch: Tech expert with a Goldendoodle on the side

Kristen Levine Pet Living: Pet parenting tips and guidance

Simba The White Schnauzer: Wag along with me and my humans

torunnlee: Fitness, baby life, and Charlie the dog

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