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Today, we?re proud to announce the company?s new brand identity ? Impact ? and a new integrated marketing technology platform of the same name. We?re super excited about this because we believe Impact?s transformative marketing technology will meet marketers? demand for greater simplicity in their tech stacks, transparency, performance, and confidence across their paid marketing and media spend. We?ve been working up to the rebrand and new software platform for a few months now and are thrilled to share it with our customers, prospects, partners, the industry at large, analysts, and media.

So What Is Impact?

The new platform integrates all three of our core products on a single platform to achieve what we?re calling ?stack harmony?. What that means is that our three products ? Forensiq, for fraud detection and prevention; Altitude (formerly Clearsaleing and Media Manager); and Radius (formerly Impact Radius and Partner Manager) ? will sit on the same platform that?s designed to help our customers and prospects stop ad fraud, generate new performance partnerships, make marketing decisions confidently, and grow business globally.

We believe the unified platform directly addresses marketers? demands for greater simplicity and transparency at a time when martech stacks are more complicated than ever. Our goal in launching the new platform is to deliver the confidence customers and prospects need to know that their marketing spend is fraud-free, optimized, and accounted for in a transparent manner.

Impact?s 4 Basic Pillars

So why did we embark on a rebrand? With the martech landscape growing more complex by the day, we decided to rethink how we present ourselves and to simplify our value proposition. We dug deep to unearth the core of our brand, what it stands for, and focus on why customers and prospects need a platform steeped in the values of simplicity, transparency, confidence/trust, and growth. As a brand and a platform, Impact is ultimately about having the confidence to know that your marketing spend is properly accounted for and performing optimally. Each of our core products delivers beautifully on that promise individually, and on the unified platform.

We view the Impact platform through the lens of 4 basic pillars:

  1. Simplicity: The platform is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.
  2. Transparency: The platform offers transparent views into your fraud reporting, marketing intelligence, and the management of your partner marketing programs. You?ll get the intelligence and reporting you need to make smart decisions about your marketing spend.
  3. Confidence/Trust: We know confidence in the digital ad ecosystem is at an all-time low; we?ve baked confidence and trust into the platform. We believe our newly integrated platform will help you make more informed decisions about your marketing spend through clean, intelligible data, and fraud-free inventory that lead you to actionable insights. The platform is designed to help you have more confidence in your marketing spend in order to grow your business.
  4. Growth: We are committed to helping you grow your business whether you?re a brand marketing organization, running a partner marketing program, a media company/publisher, influencer, or are on the demand side or supply side.

Impact plans to keep iterating and innovating to build new, disruptive, and customer-driven technologies. Our goal? To make marketing easier and more effective in order to fuel business growth for our customers and prospects.

To learn more, please contact us. And for more on our launch, see the press release.

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