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Every year, Magento handles more than $100 billion in gross merchandise volume—it is the leading platform for open commerce innovation. Magento Commerce helps customers increase their chances of a successful e-commerce deployment by providing implementation services during the critical stages of projects with services such as code audits and technical architecture discussions. Now with Impact’s recent Magento Tracking Integration, you can experience Magento’s ecommerce acumen coupled with Impact’s partnership management and insightful reporting in your retail programs.

Overview of the Retail Market by Channels

To set the stage, let’s take a look at retail and how different channels figure in your strategy. Recently, eMarketer took a look at the future of retail, and digital is poised to grow by 2%, accounting for nearly half (45%) of all retail sales. Consequently, maintaining solid, seamless digital transactions is vital.  

However, retailers have a few challenges to overcome with their digital commerce efforts, including:  

  • Shopping Cart and Checkout integration can be volatile. Integrating new tags to the product pages, at the Shopping Cart, or at checkout is a high-risk process. Using a tried-and-tested integration that does not require any tech work reduces that risk. Brands and advertisers need to continue to consolidate and simplify how they collect app event information.
  • The number of product syndication channels is growing. As the number of places where a retailer can feature their products increases, outdated product information (especially pricing information) can become a daunting problem for retailers. In addition to pricing changes, the velocity of change to product data is rapid: as products become obsolete, they are replaced with new versions. Being able to coordinate product data seamlessly with systems, where product data is kept up-to-date, is an important capability for any mature retailer.

Remove Your Biggest Digital Retail Challenges with Impact + Magento

Magento continues to innovate to solve for ecommerce challenges, and with Adobe behind them, the pace of change has been tremendous, according to recent reporting. You can harness all the benefits of this innovation while reaping technical and big picture benefits from Impact’s Radius and Altitude—all through our seamless integration.

The Impact Tracking Extensions for Magento allows you to hit the ground running with both Radius and Altitude, giving you a single source of truth for your marketing data and an intuitive, flexible platform for managing all your partnerships.

If you use Radius, you will be able to leverage the automated deployment of Impact’s Universal Tracking Tag (UTT) to easily track media partners who successfully drive customers to browse the retailer’s site and eventually convert. Retailers who distribute their product catalogs to their partners can integrate their product catalogs quickly and ensure the most updated product information is available to them. Plus, no geek squad required—it’s an IT-free integration. The Impact integration for Magento lets you take advantage of Impact’s Universal Tracking Tag—with no IT work needed. Just add the extension with Magento and connect your Impact account.

If you use Altitude, you will be able to leverage the automated deployment of UTT and conversion tags to build out customer journeys—and you can do it fast. The Magento Tracking Extension integrates your pixel so that much of your IT work is automated, such as setting up tag variables, data layers, etc. Advertisers who also use product-level attribution will enjoy quick integration and more up-to-date data.

Naturally, this is not the only Shopping Cart Integration Radius has with Magento. Using the Magento Product Integration, you can seamlessly keep your Magento product catalog data synched with Radius. Once ingested into Radius, syndicated product data such as product name, price and stock availability, can be pushed out to affiliate networks, product search engines, marketplaces, product comparison sites and other product syndication channels, so they (and you) enjoy the most accurate and up-to-date information seamlessly and select the most appropriate products for promotion.

Don’t miss one step in the consumer journey—get insights into the whole picture. Impact’s  extension tracks all inbound traffic, letting you attribute conversions easily, reward partners accurately, and de-dupe automatically to avoid double-paying for the same event.

To learn more about the Impact + Magento Tracking Extension, use our contact form, or through your Impact representative.

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