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The Drop rewards app has a special appeal for millennial consumers who aren’t into hard sells or hassles. Just link up your credit card, and Drop gives you points for any purchases you make at your favorite brands. Then you get to swap in your points for gift cards. Sounds easy, right? But behind the scenes, there’s a lot of complexity to the Drop business model, including managing partnerships to grow the business. 

How the Partnership Cloud enabled partnership growth and payouts beyond CPA model

Premium publishers in particular have been a good source of new users for Drop, but paying them all one at a time was time-consuming. With Impact, managing and growing those partnerships has become far more streamlined, and Drop’s partnership channel now brings in 15% of all new users.

Impact’s Partnership Cloud provides app-focused enterprises with an entirely new user acquisition channel, targeting high-value users. What this meant for Drop was the ability to move to a CPA model for paying partners, paying out only when partners drive new verified users to link a card to the app for the first time. That has made budgeting much more predictable for the company. And since Drop is specifically targeting engaged users, those users tend to stick around—week four retention is more than 2x that of paid social

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