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HubSpot customers can explore even more opportunities for growth thanks to a new integration with’s partnership management platform. Users can now seamlessly integrate with to quickly launch a partnerships program and also track and attribute partner value as leads travel through the sales funnel.

Fuel growth for your company with and HubSpot

With over 121,000 customers across 120+ countries, HubSpot is a leading CRM platform that helps businesses scale and hone their inbound marketing strategies. HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and customer service tools have helped thousands of SaaS businesses attract, engage, and delight users, and now, it makes launching and automating partnerships just as simple. 

Partnerships offer a potent opportunity for growth and are now considered a third revenue channel alongside traditional sales and marketing. In fact, a recent Forrester study found that businesses with mature partnerships programs (e.g., affiliates, influencers, content publishers, ambassadors, brand-to-brand partnerships, etc.) grow twice as fast as their competitors.

How does the integration work?

When you integrate with the platform, you gain the ability to understand the incremental value each partner drives at every stage of the funnel. With this information, you can customize contracts to align compensation with the true value your partners are bringing.

Here’s how it happens step by step:

  1. Map your HubSpot CRM lead fields to
  2. Track referrals through the HubSpot CRM and measure the incremental value each partner drives. 
  3. Trigger automatic payouts at specific points in the buyer’s journey. For example, when a lead is qualified or when someone on a free trial upgrades to a paid subscription.

No matter what your funnel looks like, use the integration to automate and manage partnerships and track and attribute partner value as leads advance through the sales funnel:

HubSpot users can also take advantage of the platform to:

  • Search and pinpoint the perfect partners from influencers, affiliates to mobile apps, and more with enhanced partner discovery
  • Reduce operational overhead with automated payouts tied to smart, electronic contracts that only pay when a partner drives tangible results for your business
  • Uncover a partner’s unique strengths and identify which paths are driving the highest conversions

Check out the integration for yourself

Already a HubSpot user and interested in more information about Contact our team at to get started. Once you’ve purchased an subscription, you can install the integration and hit the ground running with your partnerships program. 

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