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Beauty vloggers and content creators are among the most popular influencers, with millions of people tuning in to check out the latest dewy look, flawless contour, or GRWM (that’s “get ready with me”) tutorial. Tips, tricks, and inspiring looks are accompanied by product reviews and recommendations that can power up sales and awareness for all kinds of consumer brands, not just cosmetics. We’ve rounded up a few for you to meet.

Find a full palette of YouTubers in our influencer database

Below is just a sample of the partners you’ll find using the Partnership Cloud’s Discovery function. If you check out our database of more than 90K potential partners, you can find and recruit all kinds of content creators by category, region, engagement, and audience quality, whether or not they’re Instagram-verified, Alexa rank, and dozens of other criteria.

Put your best face forward with one of these popular beauty partners:

Alexa Blakea: Real videos for real women, sharing her love of beauty, inside and out

Airelle Snyder: Makeup artist, hair stylist, and fashion lover

Amy Serrano: Beauty junkie and die-hard fashion lover

Andrea Renee: Skincare, beauty hauls, and chillin’

Aubrey Danielle: The girls’ guide to drugstore makeup

Aysha Harun: Beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and modesty

Carah Amelie: Beauty, fashion, hair, and makeup

Christina Brooke: Makeup and fashion from the glam ranch

Danna Ann: Hang out and talk about all things beauty

DBeauty: Mom and cancer survivor exploring beauty in your 50s

Devyn Lundy: Makeup tutorials, challenges, reviews, and adventures

Erick Glam: Bilingual beauty blogger and makeup enthusiast

Goldiestarling: L.A. pro shares special effects makeup, fantasy makeup, and more

Kaiser Coby: A Black young Brit who loves makeup

Kinkysweat: Where kinky hair lives a sweaty life (paired with eyeshadow)

Kristen Leanne: Cruelty-free beauty and makeup

Melinda Fenves: Makeup artist and beauty vlogger

Michele Wang: Luxury beauty and lifestyle

Mirrorsandhaze: Makeup tutorials, lipstick swatches, and other pretty things

MonicaStyle Muse: Your fashion and beauty muse

Monique Parent: Making life fabulous after 40

Nikki DeRoest: Uncomplicated makeup artist and hairdresser from LA

Somegirljess: Shares her foundation and hair dye obsessions

Too Much Mouth: An opinionated dark-skinned Black girl who likes makeup and talking

whitney hedrick: Makeup tutorials, product reviews, smart shopping, and more

Youkeyy: On a mission to help others cultivate habits for inner and outer beauty.

YunnieRose: Soft glam, shopping hauls, videos for Black women, mental health, and more

Learn from these innovative partnerships

Influencer partnerships can deliver much more than just product exposure. Learn how brands like Winc repurpose partner-created content across all their media, and how Savage X Fenty amplifies its brand voice by letting influencer individuality shine through.

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