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When it comes to client recognition, it just doesn’t get better than the 172 (and counting) reviews on G2 Crowd. These rankings are based on independent user reviews and designed to help companies with buyer intent objectively assess technology solutions.  G2 Crowd maps the review results to a grid format, with “leaders” representing the all-around best in each category. Each quarter, they release their Leader reports, separating the best from the rest.

Just announced, Impact was rated as a “leader” in five separate categories, which tells us that we’re meeting—and exceeding—customer needs and providing the right strategic guidance.

Why a “leader” in partnerships, influencer marketing, analytics, and more?

Impact is ranked as a leader in the following categories and details about why our clients love our technology:

  • Partner Management. We pretty much wrote the book on managing partnerships through partnership automation. Impact’s Partnership Cloud handles the entire partner lifecycle across any partnership type, helping businesses manage, optimize, and scale partnerships to take full advantage of this powerful growth channel. 
  • Influencer Marketing. From discovery, recruitment, and contracting to tracking, optimizing, and commissioning, Impact helps you fully optimize your influencer program to drive rapid growth. With Impact, you can gauge the true value each partner contributes to a conversion as well as the true influence they deliver vs. your other marketing channels.
  • Customer Journey Analytics. Impact facilitates management and automation of the customer experience across all possible channels. With the Partnership Cloud, partnership managers know exactly where customers are engaging during each stage of the purchase funnel. 
  • Marketing Analytics. Fast, accurate tools for predicting, understanding, and measuring marketing performance—that’s Impact. Impact reporting solutions assure you real-time answers to complex questions about how your customers engage with your media, wherever they go on their path to purchase, so you can optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns and programs.
  • Attribution. Impact analytical solutions help marketers and partnership managers understand true causality and incrementality. And with Forecasting for Partnerships, you can predict how your KPIs are likely to trend over the next 90 days, allowing you to see how you are pacing to your goals based on a number of inputs. 

What our clients say

Stephen Kerin, Director and Founder of Scale Digital, says, “When it comes to managing an entire portfolio of varying types, sizes and stages of partnerships, you can’t get any better than Impact.” He goes on to talk about the transformation that Impact has brought to his business: “Since working on their platform, our entire process has streamlined. We were able to automate the more labor-intensive parts of maintaining relationships, freeing up energy to expand our program and grow from a five, to then six, and now a seven figure revenue number since we launched.”

These rankings mean  more than “industry awards” because they reflect the satisfaction of our users. Thank you for your reviews, and keep the feedback coming! To discover for yourself why Impact leads in partnerships, influencer management, and more, reach out to a growth specialist at

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