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In-person or virtual? That’s today’s quiz, kids. Either way, teachers will need new strategies and ideas for back-to-school this fall, and parents will need a lifeline or two. So we’ve rounded up some of the top influencers online who also happen to also be educators. Some are all about instruction, some are into style on a teacher’s salary, still others love the kitchen as much as the classroom. Find your next partner here!

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Study up on the Partnership Cloud’s Discovery function and our database of more than 90K potential partners, and you can get any influencer’s report card by category, region, engagement, and audience quality, whether or not they’re Instagram-verified, Alexa rank, and dozens of other criteria. Our discovery tool makes it easy to find the right partner to make back-to-school 2020 more manageable, instructional, and fun.

Meet this go-to team of A+ K-12 educators:

Acute Style: A math teacher documents his attempt to acquire his style with items that cost less than $90

Alex John Early K Teacher: Helping pre-K and kindergarten teachers collaborate, stress less, save time, and gain confidence in the classroom

amy mascott: Education author, reading teacher, lover of literacy, and fun learning expert

Angela Watson: Helping teachers live more purposeful and conscious lives

b r i d g e t t e: First-grade teacher living with California style

Becca Nickson Hammer: Assistant principal, student motivator, and mama-to-be

Betsy (Gettis) Fick: Mom and teacher on life and faith

BukkyDare Pay less 2 look good: Popular Christian style and food blogger is a math teacher by day

Christine Comer: Thoughts on parenting and fashion from a teacher on the go

d e b | sunsets and stilettos: NYC teacher and fashion blogger with a polished but comfy style in and out of the classroom

Felipe: Fourth-grade teacher, photographer, and save-the-worms activist

Gena Mayo: Faith-based homeschool mom and music teacher with advice for all ages and stages

Jenn | Mrs Casual: Just a teacher who really likes to shop

Jennifer White: Kindergarten teacher sharing ideas, inspiration, and much-needed silliness

Jimmy Qadeer: Teachers are superheroes, and some are also supermodels

Jodi Southard: Tips and smiles from a first-grade teacher

Katja | Berlin: Full-time teacher and mother who makes really beautiful food

Kelly Smith: Learning how to give, live, and love by celebrating the everyday as a first-grade teacher and donate life advocate

Krista Aasen: Housie, DIYer, decorator, crafter, organizer, mom, and teacher

Life With My Pigeon Pair: Australian teacher, mom, and chef

Lillie Marshall: Getting teachers to travel and more

Malia Hollowell: Teacher-turned-founder of the  P2P & STEM Lab; loves helping teachers save time and get results

Mariela Marrero: Educator, photographer, baker, and ice cream artisan

Meghan Harris: Did someone say sight word glow party? Creative teaching ideas galore

Mel: This California math teacher is only buying five things in 2020

Michelle Hargreaves: Media arts teacher, cheer coach, and foodie

Miss DeCarbo: Resources and freebies for K-2 curriculum and creating classrooms of critical thinkers

Mommy’s Bright Bundles: Substitute teacher, blogger, influencer, traveler, and mom ambassador

Monique Designs: Work smart, play more💜, just for fun💜

Nicholle Sophia: Home, food, and style from a Vermont elementary school teacher

Onein|amelia|blogs: Aspiring world traveller, accomplished teacher

Paige: High school math teacher and mom on buying less, keeping a small wardrobe, simplifying life, and trying to do it all with style

Sheryl Cooper: Teacher of toddlers and preschoolers for 21+ years shares how kids learn through play in the classroom

Tracee Orman: Timely education ideas and freebies for remote teaching and more from an English teacher and curriculum expert

Use your words, say thank you, and other partnership advice you learned in kindergarten

Business may be tough, but you can still be a good partner. For a quick tutorial on preserving partnership relationships when the chips are down, read: “Keywords don’t have feelings” and other words to live by in a crisis.

Content creators, join our influencer database

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