Calling all agencies: meet’s Agency Partner Program

The team recently launched its global Agency Partner Program. This program empowers agencies to expand their customer bases, provide more value for their clients, deepen their expertise, and differentiate their businesses. Find out if the program is right for your agency, and how to get started.

Agency Partner Program
Scott Gold
Scott Gold
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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It’s no secret that agencies play an integral role in the growth of the partnership industry. Benchmark data from shows that agencies drive as much as 50 percent of partnership activity. Additionally, data from the platform spotlights how programs managed by our leading agency partners develop more productive partnerships, grow faster, and deliver more incremental revenue.

The team works with hundreds of agencies globally to help them grow and improve through tools, support, and collaboration. We’re excited to announce that recently launched its global Agency Partner Program to support agency partners as they reach new success levels.

The Agency Partner Program empowers agencies to expand their customer bases, provide more value for their clients, deepen their expertise, and differentiate their businesses.

How agencies benefit from the Agency Partner Program 

The Agency Partner Program is designed for agencies at any stage and has four tiers: Partner, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The program places agencies into these tiers based on their performance across dozens of metrics across three categories:

  1. Mutual Business: includes the number of mutual customers and managed revenue, referral count and size over the last 12 months, and more.
  2. Commitment to the Ecosystem: product adoption across the agency portfolio, PXA certification, use of mutual business development tools, and buy-in to as a platform of preference.
  3. Quality Metrics: average program growth, publisher concentration risk, stale pending applications, incrementality vs. benchmark (as an example across the agency’s portfolio).

The team collaborates with agencies to help them move up in tiers and take advantage of the available offerings at different tiers. 

Tier 1: Partners

Every agency in the partner program gets a dedicated partner manager. Partner managers provide one point of contact to help with the tools and resources agencies need to identify, drive, and close more sales opportunities. This strategy helps to build long, successful client relationships while using’s available tools and program benefits to further their business.

All partner agencies are listed in’s Agency Partner Directory and can display their partner status with a tier badge on websites and in email signatures.

Partner agencies get access to agency-exclusive PXA content, a catalog of agency training courses, and standard industry training to help partners:

  • Onboard new employees
  • Develop specific roles (including sales, service, and implementation)
  • Learn the ins and outs of solutions

(Any qualified client referred by an agency partner will receive a 10 percent discount on pricing.)

All agency partners managing clients on can use our agency console. This streamlined console gives users access to all managed accounts in one place. Additionally, they receive curated lists of new publisher partner options and a subscription to’s Agency Partner Newsletter. 

Tier 2: Gold Partners

Benefits increase significantly with each tier. Gold Agency Partners receive all Partner level benefits, as well as the following:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager: to help identify opportunities, work on strategy, deep dive into product capabilities, assist with data enablement, and more
  • Eligibility for sales referrals:  grow your agency and help new advertisers grow theirs with new business referrals from
  • A free account: giving you all the tools you need to launch a referral program successfully
  • Eligibility for co-marketing support: may include social media spotlights, participation in events, and the ability to pitch content for the blog
  • Regular product roadmap updates: stay ahead of upcoming changes with exclusive previews of our product roadmap

Tier 3: Platinum Partners

Platinum partners represent less than 10 percent of’s global agency partners. In addition to everything else, this exclusive list of agencies receives the following benefits and more:

  • Inclusion in a more significant number, and higher level, of business referrals from
  • Quarterly business reviews with’s partnership and success teams
  • Benchmarking analysis for available brands
  • Lunch-and-learns with the team
  • Eligibility for:
    • An executive sponsor from’s leadership who can help with everything from insights to creating collaborative initiatives 
    • Complimentary tickets to’s annual IPX conference
    • An reseller license
    • Co-branded case studies and award submissions
    • Early access to beta product releases
    • A featured spot in the agency partner directory

Tier 4: Diamond Partners

Diamond partners are the highest possible partner level in the Agency Partner Program. Partners achieve this status by having:

  • Extensive mutual client lists
  • High volumes of business referrals
  • Exceptional quality of service
  • Deep buy-in to’s mission and vision

Diamond partners get:

  • Prioritization in sales referrals, event participation, and co-marketing efforts
  • C-suite or VP-level executive sponsors
  • Personal introductions to new partners
  • A direct line of feedback to leadership
  • And much more

The first Diamond partners joining the new North America program are Acceleration Partners, Gen3 Marketing, LT Partners, Dmi Partners and Perform[cb].

With the Agency Partner Program, expresses a commitment to supporting the growth of agency partners while driving increased value for mutual customers and the industry at large. You can learn more about the program or find a directory of’s agency partners

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