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Partner Spotlight: Card-Linked Offers

Card-linked offers are digital offers from brands and retailers linked directly to a payment provider like a debit or credit card. This business model has made some real traction over the last couple of years, so here’s a quick Q&A on how it works!

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Card-linked offers (CLOs) are shaking up the affiliate scene, breaking away from the traditional business models. They can add serious value to a brand’s program, extending the publisher landscape beyond the familiar territory of coupons, deals, loyalty, and content. 

This short course is a Q&A session between Laura Press, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, and Carrie Paradas, Director of Global Product Partnerships at Fidel API. Together, they uncover all the essential details about card-linked offers. 

By the end of this Q&A, you will be able to:

  • Explain what card-linked offers are.
  • Describe the types of loyalty rewards available to customers.
  • Explain how card-linked offers add value to brands.
  • Discuss why and how brands should collaborate with card-linked-offer publishers.
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Card-Linked Offers
10 min
Carrie Paradas

What are card-linked offers? How do they work? What kind of value do they add? Why should brands take note of this model? Watch this Q&A between Laura and Carrie to get these answers and discover even more about card-linked offers and how they can benefit a brand's marketing program.

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