Spring release: review partner applications at lightning speed, plus card-linked offers

Our spring product release is all about improving efficiency, rewarding consumers, and safeguarding your contracts.

impact.com spring release update
Ryan Council
Ryan Council
Product Marketing Manager
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Get more done faster. This is the motto of partnerships. The new automated workflows release makes you a lot more productive. And now you can reward consumers when making specific purchases with credit cards, plus a whole lot more. 

Here’s what impact.com released this spring. 

Auto-process partner applications at lightning speed with workflows

In May, impact.com introduced a powerful new automation feature called workflows. With the help of workflows, you can significantly shave down the time spent reviewing pending applications from partners. This feature lets you customize the conditions to auto-approve, auto-reject, or group inbound partner applications.

Workflows help you process applications immediately so that quality partners can start generating sales immediately instead of waiting in the approval queue. Auto-declining partners that don’t meet your criteria allow you to focus on the prospective partners who will make you the most money. Auto-grouping partners make it easier for you to find and work with your best prospects first. Better yet, by setting your auto-approval rules, you’ll get showcased to partners that meet your conditions for approval, giving you more visibility to right-fit partners.

You can even use Workflows to automatically approve marketplace-verified partners or those applying to a specific template term—helping you become even more efficient when processing inbound partner applications. 

Card-linked offers

Card-Linked Offers (CLOs) allow brands and publishers to seamlessly reward consumers for purchasing certain products and services. Brands often use these offers to increase average order values (AOV), drive revenue growth, and generate new customers. 

CLOs link the offer directly to consumers’ credit or debit cards, meaning there’s no need for a promo code or additional tracking. Because of this, it can be an excellent way to activate your partnerships to drive in-store traffic. If you’re interested in joining the CLO beta and testing out this exciting new feature, please contact your CSM or file a ticket in-app.

New features add more safeguards to contracts

It’s nice to have a little reassurance. With the new side-by-side contract comparison feature, you can quickly review the changes you’re making to your contracts and payout terms. This feature redlines and highlights modifications to payout rules before any changes go live, giving you a chance to review and modify your amendments before deploying them to active partners.

Some default contracting safeguards have also been built into the system to mitigate billing confusion. The action-locking term caps off at 27 days. Additionally, locked costs are paid 20 days after the month they lock. However, you can still use a combination of days and months (ex: 1 month and 27 days). Existing contracts will remain unaffected. These changes only apply to new terms or modifications to existing terms.

Upgrades to the Universal Tracking Tag

The Universal Tracking Tag (UTT) is the workhorse JavaScript tag that has provided accurate tracking for impact.com users for years. The many improvements and tweaks over that time have honed this system into one of the industry’s most accurate partnerships tracking tools. 

The latest version of the UTT takes all these lessons and improvements and pulls them together more elegantly and efficiently. It also improves stability, makes the tag easier to maintain, and cuts down the file size. 

It was already small enough that you likely won’t notice the difference, but every little bit counts! Out of an abundance of caution, this upgrade will roll out in phases. The new UTT is cross-compatible with the old one; you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the latest version.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways impact.com evolved this quarter. The impact.com platform is constantly growing and changing to helpimpact.com user lead in the partnership economy. Ready to see all that impact.com has to offer? Reach out to the team at grow@impact.com or request a demo to see the platform in action.

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