5 top impact.com features you don’t want to miss in 2022

The real value of any great partnerships platform is the ability to innovate and grow as the needs of partners change. This year, the team at impact.com released many great features to improve efficiency, integrate with your tech stack, and maximize your time while growing revenue. 

features you dont want to miss
Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Associate Manager of Product Marketing
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What if you had a Swiss army knife that added new tools when you needed them and refined old ones to fit modern tasks? That’s what you get with the impact.com platform, and 2022 offered users some exciting solutions for their partnership programs.  

This year, impact.com launched several new features to support the growth of the partnerships channel. 

In-app messaging for partners and brands

n-app messaging for partners and brands

Communication holds the key to building a solid working relationship. In-app messaging makes this easier than ever on the impact.com platform. Rather than sending a mountain of emails back and forth to resolve an issue, brands and partners can communicate directly and efficiently within the platform. 

This feature reduces the need for email by allowing you to send attachments, streamline the onboarding process, and keep track of their past conversations directly within the platform. Better yet, you can integrate this messaging system into your existing Slack workspace — no more juggling multiple apps just to communicate.

Brand Benchmarking report

rand Benchmarking report

After you find your ideal affiliate partner, you need a way to determine your program’s success and track how it measures up to other brands in your industry. The new Benchmarking report measures a brand’s performance and compares it with the performance of industry competitors. Brands can then identify how they stack up to the competition and find areas for future improvement.

With this report, you can:

  • Compare your affiliate performance to industry standards
  • View performance data about marketing costs, profitability, and sales revenue from other companies
  • Find ways to increase the efficiency of your partner program 

Support for Shopify Collections

Support for Shopify Collections

With Shopify, retailers use collections to group products into categories for easier browsing on their ecommerce storefront. By incorporating this intuitive, automated organization model into the Shopify x impact.com integration, you can send curated collections directly to impact.com’s partner portal.

Importing Shopify collections into impact.com removes the friction from the process of partners finding products to promote. Partners can find the products most relevant to their audience on a self-serve basis while increasing conversion rates with more focused content.

Digital asset management

Digital asset management

The partner experience on impact.com received a massive upgrade in 2022, transforming the partner-facing “Ads” screen into the new digital asset management system. This overhaul allows the platform to support the diverse partnership types it serves with assets that meet every partner’s needs. 

Different partners need different types of content which may not fit the traditional definition of an ad. For example, influencers need social media-ready content to post to Instagram, while ​​traditional affiliates require a text link to embed into their content. The new interface supports it all, and each item has all the features and metadata your partner needs to take action, from tracking links and performance data to file type and word count.

New partner signups

New partner signups

We’ve enhanced our partner signup process with a bunch of new features. Partners can now enjoy a mobile-friendly onboarding experience to set up their accounts on the go. Our new media property verification system gives brands peace of mind to know that a partner’s websites and social media properties are legit. Finally, an onboarding checklist ensures they never miss a step. 

Of course, there’s more where that came from. The needs of your business are always evolving, and impact.com will continue to grow to meet them. If you want to learn more about the platform’s features and how they can help your business grow, you can further your education with impact.com’s Partnership Experience Academy

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