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A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting took an objective look at the financial impact of the Partnership Cloud of five Impact customers over three years. The results of the analysis are across-the-board phenomenal. 

What is a Total Economic Impact Report? 

Before diving into the results, you might be wondering, “What is a Total Economic Report?” (also known as TEI). It is an independent, unbiased analysis of the quantifiable costs and benefits associated with rolling out a technology solution administered and analyzed by Forrester Consulting. It applies a net present value (NPV) calculation to determine the true return on investment (ROI) associated with the purchase and rollout of a solution and also includes the expected payback period for deploying such a solution.

The Total Economic ImpactTM of Impact’s Partnership Cloud examined the ROI potential of deploying the Partnership Cloud and sought to provide an objective framework for organizations to evaluate the benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks associated with this investment. Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with five Impact customers, aggregating the data into one representative “composite organization.”

What the TEI study revealed 

The TEI analysis quantified present-value (PV) benefits of the Partnership Cloud to the aggregate of the five organizations, which is generically called the “Organization” in the study. Here’s a sampling of the findings:

  • The composite Organization experienced a remarkable 314% ROI
  • It took less than six months for the solution to pay for itself (payback period = <6 months)
  • Other significant benefits:
    • The ability to grow new revenue and profit (55% of the Organization’s quantified benefits) 
    • Labor efficiencies and partner discovery and recruitment cost savings (45% of the Organization’s quantified benefits)

The report also emphasizes the strategic value of automation: “As partnerships become increasingly crucial to revenue growth, organizations must develop an operational strategy and leverage the correct channel tools and organizational best practices to ensure partnership success.”

Do you like inside looks at the decision-making process? In the paper, you’ll also find an insightful look at the decision journey of the five customer organizations surveyed. 

Download the full report now, then let’s talk about how the Partnership Cloud can accelerate growth and profitability at your organization. Reach out to

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