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Turn your delighted customers into powerful, revenue-driving advocates. Reach and captivate new, high-value audiences authentically with  Now available in North America!

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A proven channel, backed by time-tested technology

In 2023, partnered with SaaSquatch, a standout in referral marketing software. The teams merged the solid referral technology and our forward-thinking platform to create a unified way to connect with customers. Now, you can use customer referrals as part of your strategy, alongside all the other tools and tech that offers. It’s about building the most effective partnership marketing ecosystem out there, and it’s all inside a single solution.

Customer testimonial

“In my role as Program Manager, I’m truly impressed by the immediate impact our referral program has had on our sales enablement strategies. It’s a breeze to integrate, and the user experience is top-notch, allowing our sales team to focus on what they do best. The proactive and insightful support we receive equips us with the tools to optimize our referral tactics efficiently. Moreover, the program’s customizable incentives are perfectly aligned with our sales targets, delivering a personalized touch that is both motivating and rewarding. With Advocate, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the pace in customer engagement and driving business expansion forward.”

Brandon Fraire

Consumer Programs @GoKinetic by Windstream

Integrate with the tools you already know and love

Sync data into Advocate from your CRM to segment your members and reward virtually any event. Then drive referral activity back into your platforms for seamless reward fulfillment and follow-up.