TactixX 2023

Meet impact.com at Tactixx 2023, the leading performance and affiliate marketing event for the DACH region.

July 18, 2023


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TactixX, known as the largest affiliate marketing conference in Munich, has solidified its position over the years. It presents a diverse blend of captivating lectures, workshops, and discussions. With a consistent turnout of over 650 attendees from various sectors of affiliate marketing, TactixX in Munich serves as a hub for networking and knowledge exchange. Esteemed speakers, recognized for their influence and expertise, take the main stage in a lecture hall capable of accommodating hundreds of attentive listeners. Through engaging presentations, these speakers share their insights and wisdom with participants. The event is complemented by a lavish gastronomic catering service, ensuring that attendees are well-nourished for the subsequent evening event.

Join impact.com at TactixX 2023, the premier event for performance and affiliate marketing in the DACH region, and seize the opportunity to connect.

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