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You’ll join changemakers, e-commerce led brands and publishers away from the hustle of traffic brokerage and lead generation as we adhere to our mantra of helping you ‘Build Profitable Partnerships’.

April 02, 2023

Miami, FL

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In 2023, PI Live USA is set to host a three-day event in the vibrant city of Miami, solidifying its position as the premier destination for America’s boldest brands and publishers to revolutionize the future of performance-based partnerships.

PI Live sets itself apart as a comprehensive event that is not tied to specific networks, agencies, or SaaS platforms. With two stages dedicated to thought-provoking content, attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. The event facilitates numerous networking opportunities, enabling attendees to foster valuable connections through thousands of meetings.

This gathering brings together industry changemakers, e-commerce-driven brands, and publishers, diverging from conventional practices of traffic brokerage and lead generation. Guided by the mantra of “Building Profitable Partnerships,” PI Live empowers attendees to forge successful collaborations.

Drawing from their expertise in organizing over 30 industry award ceremonies, PI Live introduces the US Partnership Awards, set to take place at Sony Hall in New York City during the fall season. Additionally, the second edition of the awards ceremony is planned as an integral part of the Miami event, serving as a celebration of the most exceptional partnerships and performance-based campaigns targeting the North American market.

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